Keep Learning

As I fly back to Africa, dreaming of the amazing horses and crisp clear skies, I take the time to reflect upon my time back in Canada. These past 6 months home I have been working and learning with hopes of growing my equine knowledge. Always searching for more. It has been a pleasure to … Continue reading Keep Learning

Just be

She is my wingsWith every stride she takes, she carries our souls closer together. For she knows no judgement, no jealousy, or insecurity It is in her I lay my trust To forgive and forget my human error To show unwavering willingness to perform.  She is my biggest inspiration and perfect teammate. Together we are … Continue reading Just be

My little Lady

Over my riding career I have had the opportunity to ride a large range of horses. From beginner lesson horse to spectacular fire breathing dragons; each has presented a new set of challenges to overcome. I am the type of person that strives for a challenge. I hate it when I am first faced with … Continue reading My little Lady

Leaving for S.A

It’s really happening, in a few short weeks I am taking off and leaving for the trip of a lifetime.  South Africa will be the most amazing learning experience. I am leaving January 19th and will be staying and competing for Mr. George Boucherds. However limited information I do have about my stay, it is … Continue reading Leaving for S.A