Lesson 2

Well for anyone who was at the barn today, it was more then eventful. And I could not be more disappointed in myself. My emotions took over my intelligence and pushed me to a place that I hate to be in. I embarrassed myself in front of a troop of people and acted in a … Continue reading Lesson 2

Lesson 1

This evening I had my first lesson since hearing about the World Cup results, and first off I have to mention a shout out to Momma Kozijn. Honestly without you holding my hands after World Cup try outs, and without telling me how proud you are of me today I do not think I would … Continue reading Lesson 1

The Beginning

There’s no better feeling, putting your left foot in the stir up and swinging your leg over. The anticipation of not knowing what this ride will bring. The feeling of the horse breathing and shifting its weight beneath the saddle, and its not until you squeeze your legs to urge the horse forward that all … Continue reading The Beginning